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Mobile Machining

Mobile milling and line boring

We can put your die-casting machine back in operation in short time, by reconditioning the traverse and the fixed and mobile platen “on-site” well as reworking T-slots and repositioning the chamber
Platens crushed by molds and ripped T-slots can therefore be repaired economically, since the machines do not have to be dismantled.

The line-boring of partly damaged joints and  bore holes (i. e. tie rods or tie-bar guiding), can be done without the dismantlement of the machine. Due to this service on-site, the downtime of the machine and therefore costs are reduced to a minimum.

The most important advantages of the mobile machining:

  • Reduction of downtime of the machine
  • No dismantlement of the machine
  • Overhaul of machine beds
  • No dismantlement of hydraulic and electrical components
  • Line boring (i. e. joints)

Mobil welding