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Hydraulic Service

In our hydraulic department the manufactured hoses are examined within the series production on press bushes of the armatures, in order to meet our high quality standard. The pressure test (documented via 3.1. certification) can be performed for all hoses if needed.

Not just in our premises but also in your company we can examine piston accumulators and nitrogen bottles, in the presence of a certified expert.

You need a repair service for your pump?

You would like to replace your existing pump?

Especially in terms of replacement and repair of hydraulic pumps, we are a competent partner with long experience. We carry out pump repairs in our own workshop. This offers you the advantage to avoid long delivery times.

Since years we have close cooperations with pump manufacturers. Regarding pump housings and couplings we offer the entire program.

  • Service on-site
  • Repair of systems
    • hydraulically
    • mechanically 
    • electrically
  • Gauging of pumps up to 1000 liters
  • Mobile test bench up to 2000 bar
  • Hose management for automatic detection and replacement according to DIN 20066 running time
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Manufacturing of cylinders
  • Overhaul of cylinders
  • Repairs
  • 24h Hydraulic – service

Pump types:

Bosh-Rexrot, Bucher, Denison, Moog, Truninger, Vickers etc.

We check and repair your defective pumps!