Lathe and Milling Center SHW Powerspeed 5

Turntable: Ø 1.600 mm
max. size for lathing: Ø 1.800 mm
max. load on table/lathing: 3t
max. load on table/milling: 6t
Traverse paths: x= 6.000 mm
y= 2.100 mm
z= 1.300 mm
Automatic universal milling head  

Mill Center MTE BF-4200

Claming area of table: 4.200 x 1.000 mm
Max. load on table: 13.000 kg
Traverse paths: x= 4.000 mm
y= 2.200 mm
z= 1.300 mm

The construction of the mill center MTE BF-4200 is very durable and robust with best absorption characteristics in operation. Highly accurate surfaces and high chip volumens can be achieved easily.

The operating power of 30 kW with  a torque of 1.460 Nm are outstanding in the competition comparison.

Flatbed Milling Machine MTE/K25

Clamping area of table: 2.700 x 850 mm
Max. load on table: 6.000 kg
Traverse path: x= 2.500 mm
y= 1.000 mm
z= 1.100 mm