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Lifiting and Moving


Since several years Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH owns a Boom-Truck. This special truck is a mobile crane and can lift up to 50t and place it anywhere you want.
Every time when hall cranes do no fulfil your needs because of lack of space, the Boom-Truck is the solution.
Due to its measurements of: L= 5,00m XB= 2,15m XH= 3,00m, the Boom-Truck drives trouble-free through the shop floors and uses not much more space than a forklift.

Whenever foundries are moved the Boom-Truck proves worthy. Machines up to 700t locking force can be moved without dismantling of the machine.
It is not only used in the die-casting business. It is a flexible device for carrying heavy loads.

Organization of heavy transport

Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH also organized the necessary heavy loads, such as the example of an order for a well-known German car manufacturer.

Main features:

  • closing unit 92.500 kg (LxBxH 7,7x3,5x3,3m)
  • casting group 15.000 kg (LxBxH 4,1x2,2x3,0m)


  • a majority of the German bridges was reduced currently to a maximum load of 80.000 kg


  • reloading the single collies to the authorized 80.000 kg
  • adapt the load
  • transport organization