Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH has launched several in-house developments over the last years. The “real-time shot control”  has proven its use in practice at several customers. The “shot sleeve extractrion device” and “die handling” are our latest innovations which are already requested by our customers to achieve great work release.

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Self driven die handling device

Automatic mobile die handling device for transport, repair and final positioning without crane
Stationary or mobile
Shortened rebuilding times and increased efficiency of your die casting machines

  • Accident prevention
  • Effective release of work load
  • Increase of profitability
  • Avoiding of damages of dies
  • Fast amortisation

The mobile die handling device serves as the vertical assembling (90°) and for stepless tilting of dies into the horizontal position. The dies can be worked on comfortably in each position. Transportation can happen in each position (horizontal or vertical). Relevant criteria for the employment of the mobile work platform are a clear reduction of the preparation time and therefore an increase of profitability.
A fast redemption of the investment is guaranteed.

Shot sleeve extraction device

The newly developed innovative shot sleeve extraction device solves your problem with stuck shot sleeves in chamber or form.
The compact construction assures a fast and safe clamping, extraction, storage as well as transporting of the filling chamber.
The filling chamber exchange is optimized, your productivity increases.











Controlled Shot

Controlled Shot for „old” die-casting machines
Combine the solid machine construction of your existing die-casting machine with the latest technology in the shot end. Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH offers the possibility to optimize the shot end. And as we come up with something special our  shot conversion offers the ability  to produce controlled and conventional. You can easily switch.
This is generally possible for all kind of machines.


As an official partner of Parker, we are able to upgrade easily the Controlled Shot with the Parker-ECO-Drive.
The ECO Drive system keeps the system pressure constant, avoids pressure peaks and the lifetime
of all hydraulic components is thus extended. The hydraulic brake ECO Drive thus increases productivity and saves energy.