Repair Welding

Repair Welding is a cost efficient way to restore the usability of defective machine parts.

Tie bar repair by welding (picture)

Damages due to cracks, breaks, abrasion or corrosions can be eliminated permanently by welding, spraying or soldering. The special capacity of Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH  lies in the processing of difficult to weld materials such as heat-treatable steels, tool steels, cast materials (ductile cast iron, cast lamellar) and complex material combinations.
A comprehensive machine park is available which hosts automatic internal circumferential welding machines and cylindrical circumferential welding machines.
Examples of applications are worn shafts and drive shafts, defective bearing seats, corroded bore holes (diameter 50-500 mm), as well as broken tie bars of presses and die-casting machines (up to 8,000 mm length).
In combination with the mobile machining mobile repairs are possible as well.