Funding certificate handed over by Minister Meyer

On Tuesday 08/07/2014 the Minister of Economic Affairs Schleswig-Holstein Reinhard Meyer paid a visit to our company in Lübeck.

In the scope of the plant visit, the Minister handed over the funding certificate in the amount of 500,000 euros to our managing director Heribert Höhr. Hereby the Federal Land of Schleswig-Holstein supports the expansion of our premises in Lübeck / Schlutup - the construction of an additional hall in which the new 'Universal milling center' will find a home. Mr. Reinhard Meyer was accompanied by several representatives of the press, as well as by Günther Stapelfeldt, the President of the HWK Lübeck and Andreas Katschke, the chief executive of the HWK Lübeck.

An article was published in the newspaper Lübecker Nachrichten and one in

You missed the article? No problem, here it´s available as a download. We hope you enjoy reading!

article Lübecker Nachrichten


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