DSD - Now it will be heavy!

The overhead crane for our new SHW-traveling column machine UniForce 8 was successfully approved. For this purpose weights of totally 125t were brought to Lübeck to check the overhead crane for our large machining center.

This "weight class" is necessary for the equipment of the traveling column machine with workpieces up to 100t piece weight, so that the listed workspace can be fully utilized:

X-axis - table / stand along: 12.000mm
Y-axis - vertical slide: 6.500mm
Z-axis - headstock cross by 1.900mm
W-axis: 2.500mm

The UniForce 8 carried out heaviest cutting tasks and even highly complex modern machining tasks, as the interpolation turning. So make sure you save free capacity on North Germany's largest SHW moving column machine.


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