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we are Nina D. and Jasmina K. and we are doing an internship in the term from 12/3/2018 to 23/3/2018 at the Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH in Schlutup. We are placed in the office as an industrial manager.

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At our first day we were welcomed very friendly and guided through the different departements of the office. This internship fullfills our expectations completly and it is much fun. To get a first impression of what DSD is doing, everything was explained in detail.

We are happy about the fact, that we can work in our two weeks in every departement of the office. Until now we worked in the sales and personell departement, also we helped in the stock which was also fun. 

We as the DSD GmbH are also happy about the energetic support of every intern and we are looking forward to the second week of the internship.

Your team of DSD

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